What is a co-signer responsible for?

       A bail bond allows a person to be out of jail, or out of custody while their case is pending, or until their case is disposed of, or finished.  Through a bail bond, a person may be released from custody.  Bail bondsmen have been approved by their County to make these bail bonds.  They have previously applied through their County to do bail bonds.  When a person looks for a bondsman or a bail bond company, they are usually asking for help to get someone released from custody, or to have a warrant for their arrest lifted or removed.  Bail bond companies will turn in a bail bond for a fee that will be charged.  You only pay a fee, a percentage of the bond, you DO NOT pay the full amount of the bond UNLESS the person fails to appear in court.

The co-signer is responsible for the person on bond to appear in court on ALL court dates, and to appear on time, every time until case is completed.  Also, should the person not appear in court, the co-signer is responsible to pay the full amount of the bond, plus court costs and attorney's fee (should any be incurred).  If the person fails to appear in court, but is re-arrested, the co-signer is still responsible to pay all court costs and costs of arrest that are incurred by the bail bondsman.

Do I need a co-signer? 

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What are Bail Bonds?

It depends.  If the person is in jail, in custody, yes, someone must co-sign for them and pay the fee for their bail bond.  If they are not in custody and attempting to make a bond on a warrant that they have, then they may be able to make their own bond, without the need of a co-signer.  Once again, it may depend on the amount of the bond.  Usually, the higher the amount of the bond, the more likely a co-signer will be required.